Favorite character meme
One character:Echo

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Whedonverse Appreciation | Topher Brink
 - [2/5] Relationships

Topher & Boyd

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Dollhouse episode by episode → Spy in the House of Love

After you beat me to a pulp, they’re going to erase me… but first, they’re going to erase you.

I can take care of myself.

I know. That’s why I’m smiling. Cause one day you’ll be erasing them. Even after all this they still won’t see it coming.

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Dollhouse episode by episode → Needs

A tide is rising. Until we learn how to turn it back, we pile up the sandbags together.
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Whedonverse Appreciation: Topher Brink Appreciation Month

"You’re in my house, Laurence!" 
Stage Fright, 1x03 {2/6 quotes}
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Dollhouse episode by episode → Echoes

My offer is this: your life for your life. I get five years, you get the rest. You’ll be free.

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